We are a collaborative of local artists who believe that you the public should be able to experience art as it is created.

So we built a space to invite you to come see us at work. Right now we are at Osta Cafe & Wine Bar on the Garravogue river in Sligo city centre.

Come visit us.

This project is funded by Creative Ireland under Creative Sligo and Sligo County Council.

Studio Way Out West

Studio Way Out West is a little ceramic studio in Easky Co Sligo run by Leslie Ryan. The work is narrative. The landscape at the edge of the Atlantic, the ocean, the animals, the changing seasons, a song, a book, a photograph, an image or a conversation can spark a line of inquiry may become a new product. Each item is hand built individually and no two items are the same.

‘ At the moment I am really having fun making a range of greyhound inspired tableware, wall art and porcelain jewellery. Every day is a discovery.’

Connected Spirit

Connected Spirit is a creative and collaborative process where I create a painting for you which can help to anchor Spirit in your life. It serves you by reminding you of your Spirit within you. It is your connection to your Spirit.

Sometimes life just takes over and we feel disconnected from ourselves. Intuitively we don't feel right. I know this sense of disconnection and feeling of loss. My name is Noel and I created Connected Spirit to help people rediscover meaning and purpose through connection with their Spirit.

NutJob Design

Orla Spollen is a Product Designer who started her creative business NutJob Design in 2016. Orla uses CAD/CAM technology to design and make her products. She creates her designs on computer and uses a laser cutter to cut out the intricate detail of her designs and finishing them by hand.

Orla has a personalised design service, offering specialist commissions pieces, as well as a range of commercial products on her website. The Open Art Studio at Osta will see Orla develop and launch for the first time an amazing range of Decorative Mandalas.

“drawing from the heart, being mindful of everyday moments, connecting with what surrounds and being grateful for the present….” these are the qualities Sligo born illustrator Oonagh B.McCann lives and works by.

The pointillist technique has been a constant form in Oonaghs work, allowing the illustrator the process that stippling ink requires, in the creation of mindful imagery. Oonaghs’ pen & ink pieces, ‘precious moments in time’, her pyro-graphic work, ‘painting with fire’ and her most recent endeavour, “Mindful Nona”, an ethereal spiritual guise prompting inner wisdom, awareness, gratitude and love, is instantly attributed to the illustrator.

Alison Hunter

Alison Hunter is an artist from Sligo. She is inspired by our built and natural landscape and from broken tableware and plate shards found in ploughed fields. Her art works are created by re-imagining the patterns on these found pieces.

She uses wool fibres with wet felting and needle felting techniques to create her work. She also creates a range of felt landscapes. Alison exhibits her work nationally and in 2016 her work was selected for the RDS Design and Craft Awards Exhibition. She is a member of the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland and Made in Sligo.